Throw a Pinterest Party

Brooks School Elementary's Library Media Specialist, Kristin Patrick and three colleagues coordinated a Pinterest Party as part of their school's participation in Digital Learning Day (DLDay). We spotted the party on the DLDay calendar of Indiana events and contacted Kristin to learn more! Below you can see how the event came together. Kristin plans to share photos and details after the event as well! We love this idea! In fact, why wait until DLDay 2015? Make it your next snow day activity!

The coordinators sent out a Save the Date calendar event through Outlook a couple of months in advance to build excitement about the party.

Then they followed it up with this invitation, which was created using Canva and was shared virtually with the faculty.

Because this was part of Digital Learning Day (DLDay), the coordinators also listed the event on the DLDay site.

And to make sure everyone felt included and wasn't afraid to ask questions, they sent out a Q & A about the event. 

Q: I already know how to use Pinterest. Why should I attend the Pinterest Party on Digital Learning Day next Wednesday?
A: Exactly! So many of us are already Pinterest users! This goals of the party are to 1.) learn about and contribute to group boards, 2.) enjoy each other's company after school. Plus there will be McAllister's brownies. :)

Q: Where are these group Pinterest boards?

Q: How do I pin to the group boards?
A. First you need to follow Brooks School Elementary HSE21 on Pinterest at Then you need to be invited at your request. You can't be invited until you are a follower. Send an email to one of the party planners with the names of the boards to which you would like to contribute.

Q: What if I want to share a pin but don't want to be a group board contributor?
A. No big deal. Send your pin to one the party planners, and we'll pin it for you.

Q: What if I have a great pin that doesn't fit any of the group boards?
A: Suggest a new board! We'll create it for you.

Q: What if I don't want to mix my personal pins with school pins?
A: You could always set up a 2nd Pinterest account dedicated to school, or you could attend the Pinterest party and pin food and fashion stuff instead. :)

Q: Do I have to contribute to the group boards if I follow Brooks School Elementary HSE21 or attend the Pinterest party.
A: Nope. 

Q: Is Mr. Kaminski going to look at what I pin? 
A: I think we can safely say that DK wants no part of Pinterest. ;)

We blacked out the names and initials as a courtesy; although this staff seems to have a good sense of humor! We would like to point out that 2014 Pinnovation, like 2013, does feature a number of men who are pinning and at least one of them is the building principal! Perhaps Mr. Kaminski can be won over.


  1. Thank you for the shout-out! Will be interesting to see how the weather unfold this week...

  2. We had our Pinterest Party this afternoon, and it was a great success! I recommend throwing one to anyone who is looking for a laid-back Professional Development activity for their staff. Original plan was McAllister's brownies, but that got derailed with snow day. Instead we devoured Hot Box Breadsticks (with assorted dipping sauces of course!).