Monday, March 9, 2015

Rob Tidrow
Rob Tidrow is Director of Operations for Richmond Community Schools. He has presented around the state on how to incorporate Pinterest into your professional practice.

Rob's Pinnovation:
Pinterest is a great tool for curating and sharing ideas in a graphical way. In my presentation, 12 Ways To Use Pinterest in the Classroom, I encourage teachers and administrators to create boards that encourage collaboration, instructional ideas, and education technology tools. Several Richmond teachers have started Pinterest profiles as a result of our Summer of eLearning Conference we held last year. On my boards, I like to pin topics associated with iPads in the classroom, flipping the classroom, instructional design, favorite apps, 3D printing, and infographics.

Rob's Tip:
I encourage users to start using Pinterest with a mobile app to keep the choices to a minimum at first until you get comfortable with the concept of pinning and following other boards. Once you start pinning, you may find yourself spending lots of time looking for the next "great" pin. Finally, be sure to tell others in your school, administration office, and classrooms that you use Pinterest. You might be surprised who also uses it!

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