Thursday, March 12, 2015

Popular Pin Feature: Adaptive Technology

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month so we decided to go to the boards and look at the popular pins on Adaptive Technology.

Topping the list is the pin leading to Patins, Indiana's state-wide technical assistance network for the provision of assistive/accessible technology for assisting local educational agencies in the utilization and creation of accessible learning environments and instructional materials.
Leveling the playing field with apps is this Scoop.It! resource, which includes curated resources such as the Great App List for Middle/High School Students & Adults with Learning Disabilities. You can find many resources specifically for Developmental Disabilities as well.

There are a number of pins on the board that lead to lists-even a wheel--of apps for adaptive learning needs. This particular pin is different. This pin is organized by evidence-based practice. Similarily, Bridging Apps offers a list of apps that are standards-based. Find the pin here.

To learn more about Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and the #SidebySide campaign, please visit this pin.

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