Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Top Pinnovation Takeaways & Spinoffs from 2015

It's Digital Learning Day! We hope you found inspiration in our Pinnovation posts this last month. Thank you to all of our contributors for making this year's project possible! What have you tried or plan to try as a result of their shares? Here are some of our favorites:

Virtually never run out of display space. We saw several great examples of this Pinnovation from library educators and we wonder what other possibilities have been tried? Counselors could pin Career and College boards. Technology departments might put together a board of resources to address common issues or to support new devices. And in the classroom, the ideas are limitless.

Be accessible to parents. Share resources that their children will be using in your classroom. 
  • Create a board of  tutorials for learning apps or webtools your students will be working with.
  • Start a What We Did in Class this Week board and include a variety of pins that will help parents get meaningful conversations going with their learners.
  • Provide a memory board of their child's school year.
Bring your staff together. A couple of our Pinnovators noted that they provided training sessions for their peers, but even more encouraged you to simply find out if your colleagues were using Pinterest. How will you share your professional use of Pinterest and connect with others? What would it take to create a department or grade level Pinterest shared board? How might such a board benefit the individuals and the group?

Make headlines. Create an archive of school news: there is only so much a school website can handle on its front page! By creating a Pinterest board of school news (perhaps by quarter or semester), you can curate not just the news the main office publishes, but also community news related to the school. Many schools have started using tools like Smore to create digital newsletters, which are easily pinned. And if your district uses Twitter to share learning, Storify archives can also be included.
Share in the Comments what your Pinnovation takeaway or spinoff will be!

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