Thursday, February 19, 2015

Popular Pin Feature
Our Pinnovation project began three years ago when Pinterest for educational purposes was a novel idea. Despite the unconventional approach to professional learning, we quickly recruited a month full of users who were willing to share their stories of getting started and staying organized with the unlikely edu-tool. 

This year it's been a bit trickier lining up features for our readers. While we still have many new Pinnovators to introduce, we don't have enough to fill the weeks leading up to Digital Learning least not just yet.

So, we have looked at our Pinterest analytics and pulled a few of our popular pins to share with you today.
The first pin we added to our Tech Integration board well over a year ago. As you can see, it's been repinned 65 times, but what we find interesting is the variety of places it's been repinned. We've found it on boards that focus on edTech of course, but also on boards titled Success in School! Even as the face of education is changing, this pin remains relevant in 2015.

Our second pick for today actually claims more repins than the first. While focused on special education applications with the Chromebook, this pin has found it's way to dozens of generic Chromebook boards and even some content specific boards such as Secondary Science and 5th grade writing and social studies. In fact we pinned it to Gone Google and could very well copy it to Adaptive Technology.
The last featured pin today was selected for a different reason. It comes from our master Digital Content board. Besides catching the attention of other pinners, it comes from a source that is often found curated on Pinterest, Edudemic. While definitely a popular resource, Edudemic pins will over time result in the link leading to a page with the message, "Sorry, the page you requested has been permanently removed." With a little detective work (okay, we just looked at the source of the infographic), we were able to track down the original and update our link. This leads us to...

Today's tip:
Test the link associated with a pin before repinning. Pinners may not always realize a link has gone bad on their board, and it's helpful when other users discover and report these pins. We appreciate pinners who have left us a comment in such cases. This alerts us that we need to go in and edit the pin with an updated link for the next viewer!

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