Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Michelle Meadows

Michelle Meadows serves as an administrator at Kankakee Valley High School. It's pretty clear that it's not just the students who are learning what it means to go digital with their new 1:1 program. As a licensed Career and Technical Education (CTE) Director and former CTE instructor, Michelle has found a way to support her faculty that doesn't bog down their inboxes with resources.

Michelle's Pinnovation:
Looking for a way to organize all the web resources that I found related to CTE, I turned to Pinterest which met my expectations. I gather Pins to assist my CTE teachers find sites that have activities, lessons, and potential projects. CTE teachers are busy and any amount of help and resources that I can give them to make their job easier is the least I can do to support them.

Michelle's Tip:

My CTE teachers can quickly scan through the Pins, choose the ones that are of interest or reference any of the CTE related boards that I follow. Hopefully, they find something that will help them in their teaching.

We encourage you to check out the Pinners and Boards that Michelle follows on Pinterest! We saw several sources that we rely on and at least one familiar #INeLearn face from Pinnovations past!

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