Thursday, February 26, 2015

Leslie Maxwell

Leslie Maxwell, a School City of Hobart teacher, describes herself on Pinterest as "Mom, Teacher, too many interests to list!" And with 51 boards, she's proven her point. Today we are focusing on one particular board and the way Leslie is using it. The board is Tech Ideas and it includes artifacts from her second-grade class.

Leslie's Pinnovation: 
I teach 2nd grade and my students and I have been working hard to incorporate technology into our learning. I have 3 pins to share. The first two are videos that my students and I made to document our learning. First, we made a simple trailer in iMovie with some short video clips and pictures that we had on our iPad. We did this in an effort to understand iMovie better.

Then, for Black History Month, we studied the story of Ruby Bridges. We acted out parts from the book and put them together in an iMovie to share with our parents. This was a fun activity for the students and they really enjoyed everything about it from making the movie to making the final edits.

The third pin is one from the beginning of the year. For Go College week, we used Aurasma to link a picture of each student (dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up) with a video explaining their future career. We used the augmented reality app, Aurasma to completed this task.

Leslie's Tip:
I began using Pinterest about 4 or 5 years ago, not long after Pinterest first started. In the beginning, I was really sloppy with my pins, just wanting to get good ideas saved and not necessarily categorized. (I would equate it to a junk drawer -- all things you want to keep, but no real organization.) Needless to say, as more great ideas came my way, my Pinterest boards became very cluttered. I have tried to organize them better over the last few years, but all those years of pinning randomly makes it difficult. My advice: don't be afraid to start new boards, it will make finding great ideas much easier!

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