Friday, February 20, 2015

Jenn Brower

Jenn Brower keeps busy in New Haven High School's media center. She blogs about her experience in Where Books and Technology Meet. You can find a link to it in her Pinterest profile. As a media specialist for East Allen County Schools, she designs learning opportunities for students in the 1:1 iPad school. And some of the more recent experiences have included taking apart books!

Jenn's Pinnovation: I am always looking for ways to foster a place for learning and creativity in my high school library. This school year I started a Makerspace.

I began pinning every little idea that could be used as an activity or prompt. Upcycling is a current favorite as we weeded a lot of books that are perfect for projects, but I also have 5 other MakerSpace boards with specific topics: Makerspace, Coding, Jewelry Making, Making in a Microwave, and Engineering.

By curating all of these resources, I am essentially organizing my brain. I save ideas and resources for future exploration. There is nothing worse than finally having time to work on a new idea only to realize you have no idea where you were reading about it! :-)

Jenn's Tip:
I suggest you get organized. When I first started pinning, I had generic boards such as "Library". Pretty soon I had too many pins in a board to feasibly find what I wanted quickly.  

I went back and broke my boards down into specifics, such as "HS Library - Crafts" or "HS Library - Marketing". By choosing a consistent start to the name, my related boards stay together.

For our readers interested in Makerspaces, we invite you to join today's Geekout to hear from five other Indiana educators sharing their schools' projects. Geekouts are one of several Indiana Digital Learning Month activities in addition to the Pinnovation project.

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