Monday, February 23, 2015

Casey Nidlinger

Casey Nidlinger, a Bluffton Harrison MSD educator, kicks off our second week of Pinnovation. Her district is 1:1 iPads for grades K-12. Based on her shares, we think it will become very clear what Casey's content area is! And even if you teach a different subject area, she brings resources for any educator in today's classroom.

Casey's Pinnovation:
I am using Pinterest to collect resources based on the new Indiana CCR Standards. I am also collecting classroom management materials, ideas for innovative classroom design, as well as technology tips on different Pinterest boards.

We suspect math teachers will want to follow these boards:

And for the rest of us, check out the other areas of focus that Casey has curated:
Classroom Management

Casey's Tip: 
Use common words to quickly find boards: i.e Math: Number Sense, Math: Geometry.

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