Saturday, February 15, 2014

Westfield Washington Schools BYOD | Pinner Maria Esterline

Meet the Pinner: The pinner behind WWS BYOD is Maria Esterline, Instructional Technology Coordinator for Westfield Washington Schools. Maria was an early Pinner from the Beta days when a friend had to send you an invite to get started.

How did you get started using Pinterest?
Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing at first. I navigated around the site and observed my colleagues to see what they pinned and I would repin. I saw so many incredible ideas and great resources that were simple to integrate that I got hooked.

Do you curate using other tools?
I do use Feedly to follow various blogs on the following topics Instructional Tech, Leadership, Google, Mashable, CNN, and etc. This particular tool is one way I'm building my personal learning network. Pinterest is a great tool because I'm a visual learner. Therefore, I like the visuals that are associated to the different pins. I use pinterest very often as it is my first source to search for ideas and content integration. Feedly is a tool that I like to use for reading purposes.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
Do organize the boards. Do your best to dig deeper than just the visual of the pin. Do try the different ideas that you discovered. When I started this Pinterest site, I looked at examples of people that I follow such as Indiana eLearning team, and Eric Sheninger to see how they organized their boards. I do a lot of repinning through the people that I follow. On the Westfield BYOD boards, I do pin articles or websites onto multiple boards. I particularly pinned on multiple boards so that staff members can locate resources in various locations.

Don't be afraid to repin. That's how you get started. Once you become comfortable with the layouts of the site, you can start uploading a pin. Don't create too many boards at the start. Begin with a few boards and then add on as you continue searching on this site. Do not let the visual images overwhelm you.

Pinnovation Invitation: The trick to not getting a ton of useless pins in your Pinterest feed is to follow specific boards rather than complete profiles. Maria shared that her favorite boards in the WWS BYOD Collection are BYOT/BYOD, All Things Google & Google Chrome, and Pinspired. Look through the the whole collection and follow the ones you can see feeding your needs.

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