Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pinners Kelly Masters and Sara Hunter

Meet the Pinners: Today we are featuring two Zionsville Community Schools educators. Three and half years ago, Kelly Masters began using Pinterest and created the Eagle STEM profile last summer. Sara Hunter, a returning Pinnovator, pins to Union STEM. This is what they shared with us:

We are both elementary Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Coaches. We teach a STEM class to students in grades 1-4 as well as work alongside teachers coaching in all areas of STEM. Kelly is also the high ability coach at her school, Eagle Elementary, and she also teaches a 2nd grade high ability math class in addition to her STEM classes.

What prompted you to begin Pinning?
As teachers, we spend a lot of time looking for things for our classrooms! Pinterest is full of great resources for teachers. Our time is limited, so we need to work smarter, not harder. Why reinvent the wheel? There are a lot of great things to “borrow” from fellow educators on Pinterest. Keeping all of these resources in a place that is easy to access is important. We both also like the visual aspect of Pinterest.
Kelly: I started the Eagle STEM Pinterest Board in order to share resources with teachers that are in a central location. Teachers use Pinterest already and I didn't want it to be "one more thing" for them to do or use. I share the Pinterest Board with teachers and let them know that I am curating resources for them to "steal". The link is also in my signature at the end of emails I send. I encourage my staff to follow the Eagle STEM Board. If I find something I think a specific teacher or teachers would like, I will send it to them personally via Pinterest to make sure they see it.
Sara: When I saw Kelly’s Pinterest boards for Eagle STEM, I thought it was genius! 95% of teachers in my building have Pinterest accounts, so it was a great way to curate resources to share with them. I like that users can create group boards, which allows multiple users to pin to the same board for collaboration around a topic.
Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming.  Once you start pinning resources, make sure your boards are organized in a way that is easy for you and makes sense.   This way your resources will be easy to find and readily accessible.

  • Make sure your boards are specific and organized.  You probably don’t want to have a board titled Language Arts.  You want to have a board  for reading, one for grammar and writing, and one for spelling and vocabulary.  Organization and being specific is key, otherwise it will seem too overwhelming.  We’ve seen some people who have over 800 pins for certain boards, that’s just too much!
  • Pin from multiple sources.  When you find a great blog post on Twitter, pin it to save it and share it.  Pinterest can be a great search engine to find what you’re looking for, but it shouldn’t be the only place you search and find new ideas.

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