Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pinner Shelly Burnside

Meet the Pinner:
As a media specialist at Brownstown Central High School, Shelly does a lot of curating. She tells us, "I do curate educational resources for students via my Destiny Library home page; however, it's student-centered while my Pinterest page is currently colleague-centered." As you look over the 18 boards she currently pins to, it's hard to believe she only began using Pinterest last October!

How would you describe your use of Pinterest?
Most of my pins are finds on the web although I do get many from pinners I follow. I am on various listservs and receive many e-mail newsletters. Those often have valuable information that I want to save. Rather than save the e-mail (which I can never find later), I pin the website itself so I can locate it as needed.

What have you gained from using Pinterest?
I needed a space to organize the many great ideas and tools I came across on the internet. I like the eye appeal of Pinterest and I can access my professional pins easily. My avid pinning truly started when I began exploring more digital citizenship and technology-related professional development opportunities. I needed a public location where I could store and share the many websites I located. I wanted my findings to be available for colleagues in my building as well as beyond my building.

Do you have a board? I like to curate the Google Drive and Digital Citizenship boards. There are so many updates and improvements to Google Drive that I can always find and learn new techniques and tools to help me when assisting both students and staff. As our school moves more in that direction, I find the need for more Google Drive tips and tools. Digital citizenship is an area that many educators take for granted. Students at all levels need to be more aware of their digital footprints and how technology should be used properly. As a media specialist, I believe digital citizenship should be taught more in the classrooms.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
The website behind the pin is the true value of the pin. The image is simply a visual representation of the website itself. Also, organization is important when curating so you can easily access your pins.

Start with just one area of professional interest and start building a board. You'll be amazed where you'll go and how involved you'll get.

Pinnovation Invitation: 
Shelly has only been pinning for a few months, but she's built up a valuable resource for her colleagues in that short amount of time. Yet we notice that her following it limited. What advice can you share to grow your Pinterest audience?

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