Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pinner Sharon Klahn

Meet the Pinner:
It's fitting that the first board on Sharon Klahn's profile is ICE2013 since that is where she was inspired to join Pinterest. The technology training coordinator from Duneland School Corporation confides that even though she opened the account at the fall conference, it's just been this last month that she began actively pinning resources. We encourage you to check out the complete collection including a great board of TED Talks.

What other curation tools have you used and how do they compare?
I use Twitter as a professional development tool to follow interesting people I have had the opportunity to meet at conferences. I am a big fan of Twitter because of the 140 rule and quick flow of information. I am discovering that Pinterest is a much more colorful and graphic way to engage my audience. I like Pinterest to organize my resources by topic.

How would you describe your use of Pinterest?
I have several different boards each with a specific audience in mind. I do not have a favorite board, each board provides a chunk of information and takes on a personality of its own.

I mostly pin information from people I follow on Pinterest or Twitter, interesting magazines articles and websites or videos I want others to experience and enjoy.

What have you gained from using Pinterest?
I was looking for a creative way to share professional development videos, apps and technology ideas with a group of elementary teachers. Pinterest seemed like a great fit.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming at first so I suggest you start with one or two boards to get a feel for how things work. Enjoy!

Pinnovation Invitation: Take the plunge if you haven't already and join Pinterest. Creating your account is the first step. In order to connect with others, build your profile a bit. It doesn't have to be personal. If you are using the tool like Sharon for professional purposes, give your visitors a sense of your role in education. If you use Twitter, include your profile so that people can follow you there too. Once your profile is built up, share your link in the comments below!

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  1. I really hope blog visitors take a minute to add a comment today! This is a simple way for us to make new connections on Pinterest. While I pin for the Office of eLearning, I also pin for my own personal/professional interests http://www.pinterest.com/mrg_3/ I look forward to finding new follows-I'm always on the search for inspirational boards!