Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pinner LInda Phillips

Meet the Pinner: Linda Phillips, a kindergarten teacher at Morgan Township Elementary, started using Pinterest about two years ago. She tells us, "As of today my Math board has 3,950 followers! I'm not sure if it is my favorite board, but I would say it's pretty popular among Pinners!"

What prompted you to begin Pinning?
I liked the idea that I could save interesting ideas without having to bookmark them on my computer. Pinterest has saved lots of memory space on my computer, plus I can access my pins anywhere, and on multiple devices. I have my pins organized onto specific boards which is another great reason to pin ~ if I want to look up a pattern for a crocheted hat, a recipe for dinner, or an idea for a math game, I am able to go directly to my boards and find what I am looking for. Another reason I use Pinterest is to promote my blog and my Teachers pay Teachers store. I have found that I get a lot of traffic in both from my pins.

How would you describe your use of Pinterest?
When I first started pinning I had generic boards such as food, education, fashion. Now I have many more boards that are much more specific. My education topics each have a board of their own, Math, Literacy, Writing, etc. I have even broken my non-education boards into more specialized topics: "Looks Like GSP" features clothing I think my daughter would like, while "Fashion" has pins of clothing I would wear.

I use Google Drive to save items that I have made for or purchased from Teachers pay Teachers. I like Pinterest because it gives me direct links to websites and has access to so many things. It is nice how the site can be searched for specific topics.

What have you gained from using Pinterest?

I think that Pinterest helps to fill a void left by the serious lack of funds for professional development. It certainly doesn't replace it, but because a world of ideas is available at the touch of a finger, I feel that I can always find fresh ideas.  

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
I have found that by organizing my educational pins by topic is helpful when I want to find something. As I said earlier, when I first started pinning, I simply dumped all my education pins onto one board. It was very difficult to find what I wanted among all the many pins. Now it is much simpler to find a math idea when all of my math related pins are on one board. Some of my pins appear on multiple boards because they fit a number of criteria. I am also on several group boards. Some by invitation and some of my own creation. When the primary teachers participated in a Daily 5 book study last year, I created a group D5 board that anyone in my group could add pins to. I also follow other pinners who find great ideas. There is so very much interesting stuff on the web, it's impossible to find everything. The pinners I follow have found some great ideas. (I even come across pins from my blog sometimes!)

Don't be afraid to have a lot of boards right from the start. Think of what you are looking for and break it down to categories. I have a blanket Literacy board, but have been thinking of repining many of my pins onto even more specific skills boards: CVC words, Sight Words, etc.

Pinnovation Invitation: Look over your boards, is there one that is in need of being reorganized in more specific categories such as Linda's Literacy board? Select a few pins to move to a new board to begin the process.

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