Monday, February 10, 2014

Pinner Jennifer Wells

Meet the Pinner: Madame Wells, as Jennifer is known on much of social media, uses Pinterest to curate for her multiple roles as technology integrator, media specialist and French teacher. If you're looking to find ideas for flipped learning, resources on digital citizenship or for some tips on teaching the language of love, check out her mix of boards at If you're more inclined to affiliate with the librarian role, you can't miss, the Hamilton Library Learning Commons profile she started to support her school. From that profile you can also access the library's blog and Twitter profile.  Way to connect to your learners and your community Madame Wells!

How would you describe your use of Pinterest?
I do several things. Sometimes, I repin other people's work. Sometimes I use the pinning tool in a browser and add that way. I have also used the create a pin tool within the Pinterest site itself. It all depends on if I am using my smartphone or my computer.

I have used Pocket, Pearltrees and to curate resources. I like all of them because they all have different uses. Pinterest appeals to me because one can build so many boards. The fact that the topics can vary so much is appealing to me as well. I like the little Pin tool that can be embedded onto a browser. It makes adding a pin very handy.  

I liked the idea of visual notes. I am a very visual person and seeing a graphic with a tool/ topic/ article was much more appealing to me than simply adding a link to a file.

Do you have a favorite Pinterest board?
I like my library boards, my boards with displays. I am in the process of organizing my library to be more content specific so I can meet my needs and those of my coworkers.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
It can be addicting and overwhelming, but it can also be fun. There is a lot of neat stuff out there and there is no reason to re-invent the wheel if someone has already done it.

I have discovered a lot of pins get repinned over and over and it makes it hard to remember what you have and don't have. I tend to MAKE myself go in once or twice a semester and dump duplicate pins and clean up my boards. Sometimes I do it over a vacation (winter/ spring/ summer) because of time. I don't want the entire board to be cluttered with duplicates. I have found several amazing topics, including a Pinterest board by ISTE as well as some from NEA and a few school librarians who are intense pinners. I have found the best way to find good people to follow is to check other people's lists of who they follow. Often, those with tons of followers have good stuff.

It pays to be organized, and don't forget to go in and edit boards.

Pinnovation Invitation: Jennifer raises a good point about managing your pins over time. What are some other tips that can help Pinterest users keep their pins organized? Do you have an organizational pet peeve? Share it below and perhaps we can come up with some solutions!

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