Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pinner Cindy Brady

Meet the Pinner: Today's Pinnovation is another diverse collection of boards. In fact, Cindy Brady admitted she doesn't have a favorite because "it is hard to choose. I like so many of them for different reasons." We are excited that she answered our call for Pinterest users and look forward to you meeting this Syracuse Elementary administrator who began pinning about a year and half ago. Let's see if you can pick a favorite out of her 85 boards.

What prompted you to begin Pinning?
I enjoy coming up with new and innovative ways to reach students. I also enjoy organizing things and Pinterest helped blend these two things. I found that Pinterest was an excellent way for me to share ideas with others without have to waste paper by printing these ideas. It also allows people to pick and choose which of my pins they like and want to use. 

How would you describe your use of Pinterest?
Most of my pins come from people that I follow or from categories. Many of the pins that I collect are based on conversations I have had from other people. I use the Pinterest boards to share the ideas with staff members, friends, etc that have identified a need or sparked an idea. This allows me the opportunity to help support them in their classrooms by providing resources and ideas and they can choose what of these ideas they wish to use, if any.

I started out using general topics for my boards and have gradually made them more specific. I am still tweaking the boards I have, I find myself pinning new items and not editing the boards I have. Instead of "math", I have tried to break it down into either primary math or even into categories such as "fractions". This allows people to search and identify resources much quicker and more efficiently. With the large amount of resources available through technology, it is easy for teachers with limited amounts of time to get overwhelmed and then not want to use the resources available.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
Have fun with it! Finding new ideas can be rejuvenating, not just for students, but also for teachers and staff. I love this things that I find that I can use as pick me ups for volunteers, staff, etc. It is also easy to get overwhelmed with all of the ideas. You don't have to do them all - that is why you pin them for later.

Set a time limit because it can be addicting. When you find pins you like look at the boards that they are pinned to - you can find great resources from people that have the same interests that you have.

Pinnovation Invitation: Cindy tells us, "Pinterest is the only tool I use on a regular basis like this. I am very pleased with it. I find that I have to put myself on a timer in order to not be on it too long." Do you have a strategy or trick to manage how long you Pin at one time?

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