Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pinner Christy Branham

Meet the Pinner: Christy Branham is the first person we've heard of who managed to max out a Pinterest account! Indeed, it is possibleThis art teacher from Eastridge Elementary in MSD Warren Township began pinning in 2010 because Pinterest covered so many things that she was interested in-both for her use at school and at home. When asked if she had a favorite board, her response was "I don't have a favorite, but I definitely favor my school boards over my personal boards!" 

How would you describe your use of Pinterest?
I filled up my initial 350 boards on Pinterest last fall. I opened a new account (with a different user name) and started another account. This account and boards are my lesson examples for the lessons I teach on a daily/weekly basis at school. For instance, we studied John Singer Sargent earlier this year and I made a John Singer Sargent board with his work on it and it allowed me not to have to try and dig out the visuals I have here at school.

What have you gained from using Pinterest?
Many times I may not have very many visuals to hang up (and then there's trying to find a good place inside my classroom to display them). Now all I have to do is pull up the board I need for my lesson and it's ready to go. Sometimes I even pin examples of the project we are going to work on about that artist on the same board.

I used Pinterest for several different projects that I was required to do for my Masters Degree. My degree is MS in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Technology, so we were required to use a great deal of technology. I love Pinterest so much that it actually made doing these assignments really enjoyable. I also have the Pinterest button downloaded on my computer so that whenever I am on a website and want to remember something from it I can pin it. Pinterest has helped me to cut down on purchasing books and magazines in an effort to find new ideas to teach at school.  

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
Start by making boards of things that you have an interest in. Sometimes if you can combine ideas it might help so that you don't fill up too many boards. Filling up 350 boards might seem impossible, but it's not if you pin a great deal in your spare time.

When I first started pinning to boards for school I categorized my boards according to art media or techniques. I follow 176 different people, with the majority of them being Art Educators. I try to follow only those who have pinned a great deal. I don't see much sense in following someone who doesn't use Pinterest as much as I do and having their pins bog down my feed. Many times I will search for a particular subject and that will help me to find pins.

I would recommend cross pinning ideas. For example, I initially pinned according to art media and pinned that way for a long time. I still pin that way, but I also made new boards that are based on artists and when I find any information about the artist or a technique or lesson that he/she used (or uses) I pin to both boards- both to the media board and to the artist board. For example, I have a silkscreen board and an Artist-Andy Warhol board. If I find a lesson that is teaching silkscreen and teaching about Andy Warhol I pin it to both boards.

Pinnovation Invitation: In honor of Digital Learning Day, what is a board you could create or have created in order to share resources with your students? Comment below.

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