Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Washington Middle-High School Media Center

Meet the Pinner: We are excited to introduce you to another media specialist who is using Pinterest professionally. You may notice in the photo that the collection includes a teaser board that isn't yet built up. We like how Jill Sceifers, media specialist at Greater Clark County Schools, uses the board's description to drive interest for the school book fair. What most impresses us is how Jill's boards are both resources for colleagues and intentional educational tools for her students and their families.

What prompted you to begin Pinning?

I began by lurking and finding great things that I was personally interested in like recipes and craft projects, but never really started a board until this past fall. Our school corporation began a 1:1 technology initiative and started the year off with an awesome eLearning Conference for us. One of the presentors there challenged us all to have a Twitter account and Tweet every day. I have always loved technolgy and decided this would be a great time to try to use social media for professional purposes. I created the Twitter account, but still didn't manage to have time to Tweet daily, but a few students really liked the school library media center participating in social media. I established a My Big Campus library group, and then began to wonder about Pinterest for the school library media center.

I was amazed by the number of great educators and the amount of educational boards I found on Pinterest. I posted a query on our library ListServ, LM_Net and asked what others were doing with it. I also browsed through other school library media centers and gathered ideas from their boards. It all began with pinning just a few ideas for bulletin boards and lessons, but then I saw how this could develop into a great tool for our students and staff.

Do you have a favorite board you curate?
I have different favorites from time to time. It began with the boards that my students were most excited about that were on authors and suggested reading titles. It's now changing to my boards for teaching research. I am finding so many things that I think will excite my students when it's time to teach research skills -- I can't wait! I was also excited to tell our students today that the author, Meg Cabot had started following us -- so maybe my author board will be my favorite again in the near future too!

What have you gained from using Pinterest?
I use My Big Campus, Twitter, and I still use many websites on the internet to make webliographies for our web page. I find Pinterest so easy to use and search. I also really like the way it suggest other boards of interest. It's a great tool not only for connecting with other educators, but providing quality sources.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
I would suggest starting small and staying focused, there are so many good things out there and you can easily get distracted. Try to find another educator or friend to go through this experience with, it's great to have someone to enjoy it with!

Pinnovation Invitation from Jill herself: Don't forget this is another great way to connect with our parents and students. I have had a few parents make comments that they enjoy our boards, and I plan to try to publicize it more to both students and parents in the future to get a bigger following. I am excited to see how our boards evolve and can't wait to see the new ones others create!


  1. We are so luck to have Jill in our district. She truly embodies what many strive to be in a technology educator, always looking for new ideas, always willing to try things. Jill provides tremendous support to me as an eLearning Coach. She is the cheese in my macaroni!

    1. I can only do what I do because I work with such awesome educators and students!