Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gamification | Pinner Dan Gibson

About the Pinner:
Dan Gibson, known as the Hoosier Teacher on Twitter and Blogger, curates a diverse collection on Pinterest, but today we chose to feature his board around the idea of gamification in education. See what made this Technology Integration and eLearning Specialist from Tri-Creek School Corporation decide to create his Games and Learning board a couple of months ago. And learn about the motivation behind creating another of his favorite Pinterest boards:

I started to pin items to this board after creating a Gamification session for a Chicagoland conference. The plan is to use this board to provide participants with various online resources related to Game-Based Learning and the concept of Gamification. Currently, I use my Games and Learning board the most. 

However, because I work in a profession filled with women and because Pinterest has a large female demographic, I feel I have to maintain a certain degree of manliness. With that said, to bring my manliness "quotient" up, I have created a Don't lose your man card board. This board receives all of my manly items - like how to cook a steak, motorcycles, construction plans, and the directions on how to properly perform a manly handshake.

Do you curate using any other tools?
For the longest time, I have used Diigo to collect websites for others to view and to trap information for myself as well. But, I have grown to love the visual appeal to Pinterest. It makes it much easier to scan through the images and locate a specific resource rather than reading through each resource's title.

How do you collect pins/build your board(s)
I use the Google Chrome extension to pin images from websites to my Games and Learning board. The extension also allows my to send a Tweet with a link to my latest pin, which allows me to market these ideas to a wider audience than just my upcoming conference presentation.

Do you have tips for those who want to use Pinterest strictly for educational purposes?
Share your boards with colleagues, students, and parents. Don't lock up your boards for only yourself to view.

If you have questionable items pinned, I would reevaluate the way you use social media. As a teacher, and public figure, we need to be aware of what we display online and how we model social media's acceptable use. Will we make mistakes as we learn how to effectively use Social Media? Probably. However, fill your walls, boards, feeds with as much positive content as possible.

How about a tip for the general Pinterest user?
Use Pinterest as an InformationTrap. Find ideas for the classroom and save them to a board this summer. Then, when starting back up, pull ideas from your Pinterest Board(s).

Pinnovation Invitation:
In closing, Dan shares, "Pin the Web to create digital learning spaces for yourself and your students." Think about a topic that you could Pin in order to create a digital learning space for your learners (fellow educators or students). Share your ideas in the comments below.

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