Monday, February 3, 2014

Creative Classrooms | Pinner Cathleen Cunningham

Meet the Pinner: Her Pinterest user name is catho and we fell in love with her board on Creative Classrooms! If you poke around Cathleen's collections, you'll start to see that she has favorite bloggers who provide tons of inspiration to this Eastern Pulaski Elementary School teacher. An active Pinterest user since 2011, Cathleen tells us, "I love finding things to create either for my home or for my classroom. There are many creative recipes too." See what else she shared with us....

How would you describe your use of Pinterest?
I like to go through the pictures and explore where they come from to get ideas. Then I'll pin them. Sometimes I'll just save the picture to get the idea that will work for me in my classroom.

Really, Pinterest is like flipping through a magazine and ripping out the pictures you like! I really don't use any other sites to curate resources since Pinterest is just too easy. 

What have you gained from using Pinterest?
This is such a fabulous way to bring some creative lessons to the classroom. I am amazed at the creativity that teachers have. I really love pins that let me explore other teachers' blogs. There are a lot of very lucky students out there!

Pinterest is great, especially if you have others at your grade level, because you can send them ideas that can be used together. For example, if there is a particular science lesson you need, usually you can find it on someone's board. Then you can send it to everyone at your grade level...providing they are all on Pinterest!

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
When I first started I was not very organized. I have gotten a lot better at editing and creating boards. So be very specific at what you name your board and what you pin to it.

Pinnovation Invitation: Scrolling through Cathleen's boards we came across the Handwriting Fairy! We can just imagine a student's response to this visitor! In the comments below, share a link to a creative idea that you would like to implement in your classroom or school. Do you have your a board or blogger you follow for inspiration? We'd love to hear about it!

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