Monday, October 21, 2013

Innovating STEM and Literacy & an Invitation to Collaborate

We are very excited to have joined Connected Educators as a collaborative pinner on a few of their boards such as this week's featured theme, Innovating STEM and Literacy. And we were glad to reciprocate the invitation to Connected Educators, who is now pinning to our boards Social Media, Leadership and others featured on Pinnovation. 

If you are still learning your way around Pinterest, you can identify group boards in two ways. When you are looking at a pinner's collection of boards, there is a silhouette of a group alongside the board title (see above left). And if you have a board open, you will see multiple pinners' avatars on the info bar just under the title (see above right). Are you thinking you might want to create or turn one of your existing boards into a group board?  It's as easy as editing your board to invite another pinner. 

Being part of a group board is just one way to connect and collaborate using Pinterest. Of course, the primary means is the ability to repin with the Pin It button. This sharing from one group of followers to another is most common. You will also see users Like a pin, which is essentially just collecting from others and storing a resource away for personal use. The one function we encourage everyone to try out this week is commenting. Adding a comment to a pin amplifies the value of the resource. Sharing how you've used a resource, adding more details to the pin or even asking a question is what moves us from connecting to collaborating virtually.

We invite you to visit our boards related to this week's featured Connected Educator Month theme and leave a comment so that we know you've been by. We'd love to see some discussions develop!

STEM This board doesn't require any introduction. What we can tell you is that you may be surprised by one pin in this collection that has received 306 repins (at the time of publishing this post)!

While the next two boards may not be terribly innovative, they are collections of digital resources pinned to support educators leaving the traditional textbook and they support STEM in general.
You may notice that Digital Content: Math is a collaborative board. We have invited Indiana educators to pin to our collection of digital content boards. You can see we are still in need of a science educator to transform Digital Content: Science into a group board. Any Indiana educator who collects resources for digital learning is invited to join one of the content area group boards.  Are you ready to pin with us? Just complete this interest form. After confirming you're an Indiana educator, we will send you an invitation to pin.

Maker Movement, Programming, and Coding  While the Maker Movement is not just about technology, we decided to group it with other pins related to programming and coding.

Literacy As you will notice, this board has become a mix of digital literacy and traditional reading literacy. We'd love to hear your thoughts on keeping the board as one or splitting it into two.

Blogging with Students or on Your Own was a last minute addition to the list. Yesterday as we added the latest pin to the board, it occurred to us that blogging with students deserves to be included as an innovative approach to fostering literacy.  We encourage you to check out "Why Blogging Needs to Be in My Curriculum and Why My Students Need It!"

Thanks for dropping by and please leave a comment either here or on any of the boards featured this week! YOU make us better!

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