Monday, October 7, 2013

Celebrating Connected Educator Month 2013

You'll be disappointed if you're looking for a crayon inspired art project. You may be surprised that about half of what we repin comes from male Pinterest users. Truly, we are breaking the stereotypes associated with Pinterest for professional development.

About a year ago, the Office of eLearning began pinning resources for Indiana educators and pretty much anyone who opts to follow our boards. If you scan our pins, you'll find that they are focused on technology integration and all things related to transforming the profession of education. Our efforts on Pinterest are not centered on disseminating resources so much as an attempt to build a community of users who can ring in on the relevancy of pins and share ideas that amp up their value.  It's that potential for collaboration that makes us reach for the Pin It button on a regular basis.

In February 2013, we started this blog as part of a celebration of Digital Learning Day. We featured educators who found that Pinterest had impacted their professional practices and wanted to share their informal learning with others.  We recently revived the blog to begin focusing on the idea of developing Group Boards. For October, the Pinnovation blog will offer weekly posts on Connected Educator Month themes and highlight related boards that INeLearn is pinning.

For our first post, we thought we'd focus on the theme Making It Count: Integrating Social Learning Into Formal PDNaturally, we recommend you explore the Connected Educator Month organization's board for this theme: Integrating Formal PD into Social Learning but we would like to highlight 5 Boards from our collection as well.

1. Our Twitterific board has a number of guides and infographics, but more importantly it promotes several blog posts where educators share the value of professional learning possible through Twitter. 

2. The DIY PD board came about after Twitter chat discussions around the value of determining your own professional learning needs and not simply waiting for your school to provide what it is you really need in order to make the most of the technology available. There are also several options that can provide the experience of what it is like to be a digital learner.

3. Reimagine PD stems from the realization that schools will continue to provide professional development for their faculty, but if leaders continue to offer traditional models then teachers will continue to lead in the classroom using traditional pedagogies.  This board offers approaches that are learner centered and engaging.

4. When are we not looking for new people to push our thinking or to teach us a new trick or two? The EdTech Blogs Worth Exploring is exactly where to turn when you need to expand your PLN. We'd love to hear who you would Pin to this collection!

5.  Last but not least is our board on all things related to Connected Educator Month 2013!

We invite you to follow these boards, add comments and repin. We'll be back next week to tackle another CEM theme.

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