Thursday, August 15, 2013

Introducing Our Digital Content Group Boards!

We are excited to introduce our next Pinnovation adventure! The Office of eLearning continues to curate blog posts, share inspiration and organize resources on over 50 Pinterest boards. Like many of the Pinterest users we profiled during Digital Learning Month, we often use Pinterest like a bookmarking tool to save, categorize and share important finds on the web. And we value the collaborative power of Pinterest, so we regularly search out educationally focused Pinners to follow. Those of you who primarily repin know the gratification of scanning your feed and finding something new. Repinning someone else's discoveries is simple and satisfying. We will definitely continue adding to our boards from those we follow, but we are ready to take the collaboration up a notch!

When we first started pinning, we created a board for Digital Content as a place to pin resources that could be used in developing curriculum to replace the textbook.  Everything from resources like NBC Learn that covers many content areas to websites that are very content specific were pinned in one big pile (err...we mean board). It became clear we needed to review our pins and start organizing them better, and so the Digital Content: Math board was started. Needless to say, now we have a small series of boards on digital content forming.

We want to make these group boards! Group or collaborative boards are collections built by multiple pinners. Our intention is to be very deliberate in the curation of these resources. The goal is not to develop bulging boards full of pointless pins, which is often the result of group boards. Rather it is to enlist your expertise so that resources pinned are educator-tested and approved.

So how does this work? Collaborative or group boards are distinguished by an icon in the upper right corner of the board like the one on Digital Content: World Languages displayed above. This indicates that the owner of the board invited multiple people to contribute pins. Once another pinner accepts the invitation, the board appears on their personal list of boards and they can pin to it like they would their other boards.

Any Indiana educator who collects resources for digital learning is invited to join one of the content area group boards.  Are you ready to pin with us? Just complete this interest form. After confirming you're an Indiana educator, we will send you an invitation to pin.  We'll be introducing our first collaborative pinner in the next post! Stay tuned.

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