Monday, August 19, 2013

¡Atención, Une attention, und Achtung!

Meet Polly Franklin, Spanish teacher at Kankakee Valley High School, who pins as Profe Franklin. We were introduced to Profe Franklin through Twitter when she replied to a tweet announcing that we were starting collaborative boards. Would we like someone for World Languages she offered. . . and a new Pinterest board was born! It's not any ordinary board either. It's the first Group Board in the Digital Content Series, and that makes Franklin our first collaborative pinner!

We are very excited to see this collection of resources grow with the teaching and content area expertise of Franklin and other world language teachers like her. Franklin's advice to potential pinners could not be more fitting, "I would recommend that people be open to using Pinterest and not to worry about having a lot of pins." The value of these resource boards comes through quality after all, not quantity.

Making use of digital content is nothing new to Franklin. She has created a Google site for her KVHS classes and uses My Big Campus for content delivery. Some of her first pins on the Group Board Digital Content: World Languages came from Learnist, another powerful content curation site. And she manages a class Facebook page for her students. Franklin began using Pinterest last school year after she noticed that some of the most interesting and best sources of information for her subject area were there. She notes, "Before I really checked it out, I has assumed that Pinterest was only for people who were planning weddings or building a house. After some investigation, I saw that it was much more than that."  

And while Franklin's teaching assignment may be Spanish, you'll see from her 46 boards that she doesn't limit her curating to one world language. In fact when asked if she has a favorite board, her response was "No...I love all my babies equally."

Are you interested in pinning to one of the boards in the Digital Content collection? We invite you to join Polly Franklin on the World Language board or any of the other content areas here.

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