Sunday, February 3, 2013

Work | Pinner Kim Hendrick

Meet Kim
Her Pinterest user name, evolvewithkim, captures Kim's attitude toward learning and reflects her professional role as Program Manager for the Indiana Online Academy. When she began her teaching career in 1990, educators did not have the advantage of collaborative sites like Pinterest. Kim finds it makes her want to do more and try new things she finds both personally and professionally rewarding. She follows 89 others on Pinterest and notes that she feels connected to the people she follows. And for the 57 users following her boards, Kim enjoys posting resources that she knows they would like to see. In fact, Kim's "Work" board feeds other boards that we will explore next week. Read on to learn how she is using Pinterest to both her personal and professional benefit.

What prompted you to begin pinning?
I try to stay connected to the latest technololgy in every way I can. I started hearing some of my friends talk about recipes or ideas for their children that they found on Pinterest. So I had one of my friends send me an invitation to join and I was hooked! I've been pinning since then, but I do go in spurts.

Do you curate using any other tools?
Yes, I curate using Live Binders, Diigo, Bitly, Zotero, Symbaloo and even Twitter. I like Pinterest because it is so visual. I am a visual learner and like the interface. I also like that it has an app for my iPhone & iPad. The 'Pin It' button makes it easy to add content to my account while I am online.  

How do you collect pins?
I collect pins in many ways. Sometimes I pin articles or ideas from blogs that I come across but I also pin from other pinners that I follow. There have been times when I've searched Pinterest to find an idea and then have repinned it.

Any particular recommendations to Follow?
There are so many amazing boards, people and organizations to follow. I follow other educators I know as well as educational organizations like Getting Smart, CELLuindy, ASCD, ISTE, Indiana eLearning, Learning Unlimited, Edudemic, New Tech Network & Edutopia to name a few. There are many Indiana Educators who do a great job posting so I highly recommend them!

Do you have a favorite board(s) you curate?
My favorite board that I use the most is simply titled 'Work'. As I come across web 2.0 or elearning tools I post it to my work board so that I have it when I need it. I also run the Indiana Online Academy Pinterest boards, so I repin many of the items from my 'Work' board. This helps me be more productive as I come across content. I also like my 'Recipes' board because I can access it easily while I am shopping. However, my finished product usually doesn't look exactly like the Pinterest picture.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
My recommendation is to start with people you know and look for educational organizations that have content useful to you. You don't have to follow every board for every person or organization. I only choose the specific boards I like that interest me. I'd also recommend pinning things you love and make boards to categorize them. If you place all your pins on one board, they will be hard to sort through and find when you need them.

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  1. I keep multiple personal and work Pinterest profiles too and I really like how Kim simplified the process with her Work board!