Thursday, February 7, 2013

We R Richmond Community Schools

About We R Richmond
When you visit Richmond Community Schools' website, there is no mistaking the distinctive red P in the collection of Follow Us buttons. With one click, you discover that their Community Partnership and Engagement Coordinator, Bridgit Hazelbaker, has created a dozen boards with parents, students and teachers in mind.  The collection opens with the Our Community board highlighting Richmond, Indiana's architecture, museums, parks, events and history. Boards that appeal to elementary, middle and high school students and their families make up most of the collection.  

What prompted you to begin pinning?
I attended the Richmond Social Media group meeting. A presenter from Muncie, Indiana shared how Pinterest helped her business. I then got the idea to create a Pinterest page for Richmond Community Schools. 

How do you recommend someone approach pinning for a school district? 
Try to think like the parents from your district. What sort of things do they look up? Teachers like bulletin board ideas. Parents like teacher gift ideas. Parents also like cute ways to pack their students'  lunch. A new "board" we have now is Prom. Many girls are repinning prom dresses and hair styles. Some teenage boys are even repinning creative ways to ask your date to prom. 

What other social media do you use to connect with families?
We currently use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Facebook is most popular.
Can you share any advice for others using Pinterest?
Have fun! Don't worry about the time. Take a few minutes every few weeks to repin. You'll be amazed at all the new material out there.

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  1. With a senior in high school, I've seen a lot of college Pinterest boards, but Richmond's was the first I've come across for a K-12 school district. So much potential!

  2. Great site and boards. I could see adding boards for each subject area for extra help at home, summer, etc.