Friday, February 1, 2013

Teaching with Tech | Pinner Sara Hunter

Meet Sara 
After talking with Sara, who is a STEM teacher and coach for Union Elementary, you'll see the humor in her pinning "10 Steps to become a Better Geek." Known as ICETeacherSara on Pinterest and Twitter, she could add a few of her own tips! Undoubtedly, Zionsville Community Schools teachers can attest to Sara's commitment to step #8 on the list--Teach a lot of friends to use IT (Instructional Technology). She began pinning when Pinterest was still in beta and now she curates 37 boards for herself and 175 followers. We suspect you will want to add to that number once you've had a chance to explore her collection.
What prompted you to begin pinning?
I heard Kelly Tenkley (@ktenkley) talking about this new site to visually collect and categorize bookmarks, called Pinterest. I requested my invite and got started right away. I think her RSCON3 (Reform Symposium Conference Online) session prompted quite a bit of Pinnovation. 

Do you curate using any other tools?
I am a devout Diigo user as well because I have well established Lists on Diigo and groups I share bookmarks with. Diigo is great for lists, where a visual isn't needed, and I do like how I can tag every bookmark and search my tags to find just what I'm looking for. I don't typically search Diigo for resources or idea.

Pinterest is eye-candy. I'll search Pinterest for topics, ideas, recipes.... You name it; it's on Pinterest. And it looks so pretty, too! My boards are general in subject, I could certainly be more specific but I haven't found the time to shuffle pins around. I enjoy reviewing my boards when I need some inspiration or am looking for something in particular. I don't pin everything to Pinterest, it's not my bookmark warehouse, it's more of a beautiful store window of possibilities.

How do you collect pins?
I mostly repin from other pinners I follow. However, I love searching Pinterest these days. It's a better search engine than Google if I'm looking for education related ideas, recipes, kid-stuff.... When I find something worthwhile to pin from the web, I'll pin it.

Any particular recommendations to Follow?
Patty Sloan, awesome science and STEM resources
Paula Naugle, WOW her boards are amazing
Audrey Estupinan, excellent teaching and education related boards
Lisa Johnson, extraordinary edtech boards!
Do you have a favorite board(s) you curate?
Teaching with Tech
Einstein (he's my class mascot, and his messy desk always makes me feel better about mine)
Books, Books, Books
Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
It's easy to get sucked into the wonderful world of Pinterest and lose hours of time pinning.  My advice is to truly use the ideas you pin.


  1. Thanks Sara for not only sharing your boards but for the great recommendations. I found the hardest thing was trimming out all the people or boards I didn't really need to be following so that when I pulled up Pinterest all the best stuff was there for me! At first I followed anyone looking for ideas!

  2. I love pinterest for school, home, and more. Thanks for a new person to follow. I actually probably have more school stuff pinned than anything. LOVE IT!

  3. So glad you are participating in Pinnovation Leah! By the end of the month we hope you've found several new resources to follow and possibly even ideas to make your pinning experience even better!

    Personally, I started using Pinterest last spring for a yard project, but my ed tech boards quickly outnumbered my home boards. It's what happens!