Friday, February 22, 2013

RTI (Response to Intervention) | Kelly Miller

Meet Kelly Miller
Since opening her Pinterest account a year ago, Kelly has created 43 boards, curated 1,541 pins (at last count), and accumulated 64 Likes.  You can learn a lot about Kelly from her bio on Pinterest. We will fill in a couple of blanks though. She teaches for Yorktown Community Schools and Pinterest isn't the only social media tool she uses for work. Kelly uses Twitter in a variety of ways. One tweet that caught our attention was when she shared the scratch-off tickets she created for her students based on a Pinterest find. 

What prompted you to begin pinning?
A friend told me that Pinterest was a neat place to find ideas for recipes and home improvement. I originally started using Pinterest for this reason but as I saw other pins related to education, I decided it was a great way to organize ideas for the classroom.

Do you curate using any other tools?
I've tried bookmarking websites in the past however I've lost my bookmarks in the past. It can also be difficult to keep them organized. I like Pinterest because it's more visual. It's easier to find the website I'm wanting because it has a corresponding picture.

How do you collect pins?
I pin from everywhere! I like the fact that you can follow someone else's education board or you can follow all of their boards. You can see what other interesting information they're collecting. I also like being able to search for certain topics. We were discussing the Common Core one morning in a staff meeting. I went to Pinterest and did a search and there were tons of resources in seconds.

Any particular recommendations to Follow?
Follow lots of people! The more you follow, the more pins you'll be able to see. I highly recommend Christi McLendon, Indiana eLearning, and New Tech Network. Again, you can follow all of their boards or just the boards you're interested in.

Do you have a favorite board(s) you curate?
 really like my Common Core, RTI, and For My Students boards. The Common Core board has some really great resources to help me more in that direction. I'm a Business teacher so RTI isn't something that I'm necessarily trained in however it's become part of my job to help improve students reading and math skills. My RTI board is a place I go to find ideas on how to help intervene with a student. For My Students is a board I just recently created to put things I think my students would be interested in or things that I can reference to in class.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
Don't give up. I hear many people say they signed up for Pinterest and "didn't get it". Just get on and try it. You'll find something that you're interested in! You also don't have to have an account to view someone's boards. You can go and see what they're using Pinterest for to give you ideas for your own account.

If you start using Pinterest, you can start small and then expand. I started with just a classroom board. After awhile, I found that I had pins that covered a range of topics so I created some new boards and moved those pins to the boards that made sense. Don't feel like you have to start with 10 different boards.

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