Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quotes | Pinner Andy Knueven

Meet Andy
Pinning since late September, this special education teacher and coach for Zionsville West Middle School has collected dozens of inspirational thoughts and graphics to share with students and colleagues. Andy even accepted an invitation to collaborate on a board titled, Things that make me smile. Collaborative boards have become very popular and this particular collection has over 3,000 contributors, 6,000 followers and 14,400 pins. Andy pins to 6 personal boards and keeps a tight circle of 11 followers while following 13 others. However, don't under estimate the power of a network. Looking over Andy's Quotes board, one pin received a whopping 181 repins (not to mention 59 likes)! Andy does note that he is not an avid user of Pinterest due to the time it takes away from other responsibilities. 

What prompted you to begin pinning?
I started pinning after attending a short professional development session that my principal held for the staff. We hold these meetings almost monthly to discuss and teach each other new technology and approaches we are using in the classroom.

I have always been interested in positive and inspiring quotes. Being able to have a board to store these for others to read seemed to be an easy system. After getting involved with Pinterest, I discovered other teachers who we are able to share creative ideas to use in the classroom too.

How do you collect pins?
I have uploaded many of the files I have collected, but I also repin and follow other teachers that have great ideas.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
There is so much out there. Some pins might be wonderful, others seem like a great idea, but also keep in mind to keep it realistic and connected to standards. There are many fun activities or crafts, which can distract you from what really needs to be taught. There is only so much time in the day. 

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  1. Andy, I appreciate how you show that the tool does not have to be an addiction. You've given a couple of management tips, that can mean the difference between mindless browsing and productive pinning, thanks!