Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pinner Andy Smith

Meet Andy Smith
In the last year, Andy Smith, a teacher with Hamilton South Eastern Schools initiated an effort to collect resources on three boards he created. His experience with Pinterest is limited and we commend him for sharing with us. We'd like to return the favor and encourage you to connect with him on Pinterest (particularly if you are teaching or interested in theater arts and mass media).  We hear he's really a good egg, but perhaps with a little friendly pressure we can encourage him to change his profile image. 

What prompted you to begin pinning?
Looking for new ideas to implement in my classroom.

Do you curate using any other tools?
Pinterest is the only tool I use at this time.

How do you collect pins?
Repinning from categories

Any particular recommendations to Follow?
Kris Devereaux

View Andy's Boards

So, today let's mix it up a bit!  Here's an invitation: If you see something on Andy's boards that you find interesting, leave him a comment.  Do you notice that he's interested in a particular topic? Recommend someone who is pinning related resources for him to follow. Follow Andy on Twitter @ajsmithtkd so when he tweets a pin you see it.

If there's one thing we've learned from this project, it's that your Pinterest experience only gets better when you are part of a community.  Would you like to build your Pinterest community? Leave the URL to your boards in the Comment section and let us help connect you to others!

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  1. While I didn't get anything from Andy's boards- I think you are on the right track. Maybe you need a flipped board for all of that info if you continue to collect and pin. I have a "Classroom Stuff" board that needs to be sorted into more boards I think. I have board that ANdy may find useful "maybe we will get an IPAD".