Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Instructional Technology | Pinner Daniel Gibson

Meet Daniel Gibson
Technology Integrationist for Tri-Creek School Corporation, Daniel Gibson, is quite comfortable with his use of social media. He's @hoosier_teacher on Twitter and blogs regularly, but pinning is relatively new to him.  He may have been slightly skeptical a year ago, yet as you read his thoughts on Pinterest, you will discover that he found value in this tool. And if you look over all 21 of his boards, you will see that he occasionally has a little fun with his pins. 

What prompted you to begin pinning?
My wife was pinning everything under the sun, and I discredited the site for a while. As pinning became more and more popular, I was stuck on Diigo and Scoop.it.  Pinterest was a big focal point within the teachers' lounge. Teachers within my former district were pinning food ideas and bringing the edible ideas to school on special occasions. Other teachers would bring up interior design ideas or repurposing ideas. These pins didn't interest me and I tried to push Pinterest further from my mind.

Then, it happened. I saw my first educational pin. After walking through a colleague's room, I witnessed some eye-catching educational centers, and I asked how she came up with the idea. When she told me Pinterest, I had to take a look. I quickly noticed how addictive Pinterest was and thought what a great hook to pull people toward technology. After a while, I realized the value in pinning images especially as a form of social bookmarking.

Do you curate using any other tools?
As for compiling resources, I have used Delicious, Sqworl, Edcanvas, Scoop.it, and Diigo. Diigo is still one of my favorite to use for Social Bookmarking. I use it to house resources on the many subjects I enjoy. I like Diigo, but Pinterest does have it beat when trying to relocate saved resources. If I go back into Diigo but I'm not sure of associated names, labels, or tags, I can have a difficult time locating the website. However, as long as the Board isn't overfilled with images, Pinterest's images make it easier to locate saved resources. 

How do you collect pins?
I mostly pin images from the web. As I review resources shared from my PLN, I will locate an image from the blog, article, or general website and pin it using a Google Chrome extension. I don't follow people or boards as much as I should.
Any particular recommendations to Follow?
-NewTech Network
Just cool:
-Evan Sharp
-Oen Hammonds

Do you have a favorite board(s) you curate?
I'm a sucker for a good infographic. Anytime I find a well-designed and maybe even informative infographic, I pin it to my Infographic board.
Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
Use Chrome's Pinterest extension to pin images quickly. This way you won't have to stop surfing the Internet because images on websites (viewed in Chrome) will have the Pinterest icon, which allows a user to pin any image to their boards.

Don't stop with Pinterest. Use it as a springboard into the educational technology. Start a blog! Start Tweeting! Start building an online presence and connect with people to engage in online learning and resource sharing. Let's build upon our strengths and share what works in the classroom.  

What would you say to those who are resisting Pinterest?
It's amazing how many teachers pin at the elementary level. Pinterest's popularity lets technology coaches know what is important to teachers. Teachers need to see a product and can't just listen to ideas/concepts from a PowerPoint. "A picture is worth a thousand words." Instead of selling an instructional strategy to teachers, why not show them what it looks like? Show them the end product and then work to get them to that point. 

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  1. One of my hesitations of this project was that Pinterest has been typecast as a woman's tool. I wanted to see men who could dispel that and I think you did.

    Thank you to Daniel, Chris and Andy for being the leaders you are! You each brought up concerns you had about how the tool is used and shared how you addressed it.

  2. I was recently collaborating with the ESOL director at a non-profit who is looking for ways to integrate technology into the curriculum via Chromebooks. My first recommendation for her to gather ideas was Pinterest! And, more and more companies are using it as well. Tons of good resources on all kinds of topics. Thank you for suggestions of more people to check out and follow!