Monday, February 18, 2013

Education | Pinner Robyn Young

Meet Robyn Young
Robyn Young has been using Pinterest for the last year. In that time she has collected nearly 900 pins on her 19 boards. Today we focus on her Education board, which holds nearly 100 of those pins. As a librarian, Robyn uses this board to share ideas with the teachers she works with. If you check out the followers on that board, you will quickly discover that Avon High School teachers aren't the only one benefitting from Robyn's efforts.

What prompted you to begin pinning?
My neighbor started me on Pinterest and I started using it personally for recipe ideas and for things around the house. I stumbled upon some bulletin board ideas and then just started pinning to an education board as I saw things come up.

Do you curate using any other tools?
I don't curate using any other tools, but only because I haven't found anything as easy as Pinterest. It is also accessible from school and many of the other social networking tools are not. I am "friends" with many of the teachers at my school, so it is an easy way to share ideas with them.  

How do you collect pins?
I primarily collect pins from pinners that I follow or from browsing through Everything -- which I usually do almost every day. Many of the pinners are primarily elementary, but I've found ways to adapt many things to the high school level.

Any particular recommendations to Follow?
I don't think I'm that organized yet, so I'm not following anyone specific in the education world.

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
Start using this personally, looking for new recipes or for projects around the house. You will then naturally find that it leads to looking for projects for school, but get to know Pinterest first just for the fun of it.

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  1. I enjoyed scrolling through your board and seeing how this collection has evolved. So many terrific ideas. I love the retro library promos.