Sunday, February 10, 2013

Digital Curriculum | Pinner Rachel Porter

Meet Rachel Porter
A veteran middle school science teacher reinvented as a Digital Curriculum Integration Specialist for Southwest Parke Community Schools, Rachel Porter has established a collection of 28 professional Pinterest boards. At the moment she has 60 pins on our board of choice.  But be warned, these aren't just cute pins you'll glance over. Be prepared to spend time following each one for rich resources.

It goes without saying that we should share Southwest Parke Community Schools' definition of Digital Curriculum: "We define 'digital curriculum' as content, learning exercise and assessments that involve digital components which transform learning from static memorization of material to dynamic interaction with concepts, critical thinking and application.  Digital curriculum provides differentiated learning, always current content and relevance for students who have ownership of their education."  You can learn more about how they came to these ideals here.

When did you begin pinning?
Personally, I began pinning about a year ago. I quickly realized how perfect this was for my role in education (professional development leader for digital curriculum) and created a separate professional account about 4 months ago.

What prompted you to begin pinning?
I had another method for bookmarking, categorizing and sharing resources with teachers (Pearltrees), but I chose to start pinning because so many teachers are already using Pinterest and can better follow me there.
Do you curate using any other tools?
Pearltrees (as mentioned above) and My Big Campus. MBC has some necessary and important features that can't be offered by Pinterest for education, but biggest advantage of Pinterest for what it does is that it is simple. It is very easy for teachers to start using and they have a high interest in doing so. I find that Pinterest has the effect of being rather inspirational and motivating as well. Teachers love to use it and it makes them want to go try new things.

How do you collect pins?
I follow several other teachers, integration specialists, organizations and educational leaders. I also make a practice of occasionally browsing the education categories. When I come across a great source on the web, I use the pin it button installed on my browser to pin it to the appropriate board.
Any particular recommendations to Follow?
I pin a lot of things from these users I follow:
SHIFT eLearning
Indiana eLearning (of course!) <--Rachel's sidenote, not ours and thanks!

Do you have a favorite board(s) you curate?
The boards that I have built the most content for are:
E/LA -
Math -
Digital Curriculum -
Quotes - (I like to use these for professional development inspiration/discussion starters)

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
It is important when you are pinning from the web that you do so in the correct way. It's very frustrating when you follow a pin and it doesn't lead you to a website with more information - only to a detached graphic image. This happens when people pin from a Google image search.   

Normally you'd find "View Rachel's Board" here, but she's shared her links up above and included our top choice in her favorites!


  1. I really liked the PBL board (not one that was featured)!

  2. Thanks, Leah! I hope you find something awesome there!

  3. Rachel's board are all around terrific which is why I was tickled she was willing to be featured in Pinnovation! Leah, if you are looking for PBL ideas, then you will like what we have planned for the 26th!