Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device | Pinner Joan Phegley

Meet Joan
Luckily for us, Joan keeps her Pinterest boards organized by alphabetical order. This makes it easier to search through all 122 collections! Her 507 followers have access to over 5,800 pins she’s added since she began pinning in the fall of 2011.  A teacher for Vigo County School Corporation and someone who always enjoys learning something new, Joan appreciates how Pinterest has helped her do that without spending too much money or time driving around in her car in search of help. And don’t concern yourself with the time it takes to pin as much as she does because Joan notes, “I can pin wherever I am...in my car (as the passenger of course), my home or while babysitting the grandkids!”

Joan has a fair amount of personal boards but they don’t overshadow her teacher boards. In fact some of them such as “Healthy Me” are just as essential to teacher well-being as “Classroom Management.” When it comes to why she pins for professional purposes, she’s very clear, “It’s all about social networking...and I believe ‘two heads are better than one.’ In the education world, I’ve learned that teachers are ‘in it together,’ and will share their wealth of information. How often have we heard, ‘don’t try to re-invent the wheel?’”

What prompted you to begin pinning?
I received an invite to Pinterest from a colleague of mine. I was curious (as I always am, about new programs, blogs, etc.), so I researched it before directly opening the site. It seemed like an "easy" way to save research, gather creative ideas, and store them all together in one spot that wasn't taking up my harddrive space.

Do you curate using any other tools?
I have tried several ways to curate items over the years...from a recipe box to my own external harddrive. Most recently I tried Google Cloud, which is easy to use (very user friendly) and I can store numerous types of media (documents, links, jpgs, etc.), but it doesn't compare to Pinterest.

I think what makes Pinterest most inviting to me, is that I can store and save various types of items all in one place. Whether it be tips for classroom management, lesson ideas and activities, I go straight to Pinterest. I can search specifically for an item, or "Pin" an item that interests me and then go back later when I have a more leisurely time to thoroughly review it.  Not to mention, that I can collect wish lists/likes for home, seasons, holidays, family members, shopping ideas, hobbies, gardening, and dreams! It's all there...and at my finger tips when I need or want it.

How do you collect pins?
For me, collecting pins comes from a variety of areas. I try to be original in pinning...but, often repin from shopping online, searching the web or viewing specific topics on Pinterest or fellow pinners.

Any particular recommendations to Follow?
First off, go to Pinterest...click on HELP...and read up on Pinning 101. Just like daily social life, there is Pinterest etiquette. It's my understanding that if you "re-pin" an item...that you are to go to the  original pinner and "pin" from that link. 

Anyone who has an interest in education: I recommend start with the "search" bar and begin with a subject you enjoy teaching. You'll be surprised with how many items there are to help keep you fresh, up-to-date & informed in your field.

Do you have a favorite board(s) you curate?
I have many favorite boards...almost too many to pick just one! As an educator, I have several dozen. I broke the subjects up into their own boards and even pin to specific seasons or school calendar year. Two of my favorites would definitely be those I'm always adding to..."First days of school" and "Classroom Tech ideas."

For my personal life: "Repurpose it", "Outdoors", "Coffee", and "Gigi."  I recently became a grandparent and I'm always looking for ideas to share with my grandchildren. (OK...and "Shoes"!)

Can you share any advice for new Pinners?
I suppose it could be quite daunting to a beginner to know where to start...so, start with viewing some of the topics you are interested in and look through your friends' boards.

If you are pinning personal items, check your account settings...like many other social pages and the web itself, you want what's private to remain private. So be careful what you post.

Have fun with it...we all need some fun and laughter to lighten our days. Pin for fun, not just for your job or career. It will always be about balance.

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  1. Thank you Joan for the reminder that we can't be all work and no play! I am inspired to have a little more fun with some of my pinning.